Fiduciary Guidance

Because qualified retirement plans are facing increasingly intense scrutiny from regulatory agencies and employees, it is especially important that you have the right partner to help ensure that you understand and can manage the full scope of your fiduciary responsibilities, as well as the potential for liability. At Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial, we will contractually share in your fiduciary responsibility. We have the specialized knowledge and experience to help you maximize your protection against risks and liabilities and keep your company's retirement plan on course.

Fiduciary Fitness Program™

In addition to taking on co-fiduciary responsibility, our Fiduciary Fitness Program™ is an independent compliance tool used to measure the health of a retirement plan and the ability of the plan's fiduciaries to operate in accordance with ERISA and the plan document. Our program provides resources as a means to identifying potential weaknesses in your plan and remedy through education, diligence, and process.

The program helps fiduciaries and plan sponsors:

  • Identify plan fiduciaries and their specific responsibilities
  • Understand the extent of their responsibilities
  • Attempt to comply with ERISA 404(a) and 404(c)
  • Document the hiring process for service providers and other vendors
  • Identify parties of interest to the plan and take steps to monitor transactions with them
  • Understand major exemptions under ERISA that permit transactions with parties in interest, especially those key for plan operations
  • Review plan documents in light of current plan operations and make necessary updates
  • Comply with reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Ensure that individuals are properly bonded and covered by liability insurance


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